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Pre-Open: IUGONET New System

 The IUGONET System has been renewed in Oct. 2016. The new functions are
  - Search Data using List/Map
  - Combination Search using List/QLs
  - Show Data Information with Quick Image/Plot
  - Show How to Plot
  - UDAS web (Web-Based Interactive Tool to Create Plot) *Open in Mid-Oct.

 Schedule for the official version:
  - 1 Oct: Pre-Open.
  - 1-30 Oct: Increasing Quick Image/Plot.
  - M Oct: Open UDAS web.
  - 18 Oct: Determine the Official Name of This System.
  - 20 Oct: Data Analysis Learning Session.
  - 1 Nov: Official Version.

 Please looking forward to the official version.

IUGONET Data Analysis Learning Session

20 October 2016
NIPR, Japan

IUGONET Data analysis learning session is a course that provides participants with working knowledges of the IUGONET metadata database and SPEDAS (Space Physics Environment Data Analysis Software). This is the first opportunity that users can experience NEW IUGONET SYSTEM with lecturers. So, it is highly recommended for both of beginners and experts. If you would like to join this class, please contact IUGONET workshop LOC (

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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