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Open IUGONET Type-A, 1 Nov. 2016.

 New IUGONET System 'IUGONET Type-A' Opened. The new functions are
  - Search Data using List/Map
  - Combination Search using List/QLs
  - Show Data Information with Quick Image/Plot
  - Show How to Plot
  - UDAS web (Web-Based Interactive Tool to Create Plot)

 We will continue the development on the basis of the opinion of uses. Thank you.

IUGONET Type-A demonstration in SGEPSS fall meeting 2016

20-22 November 2016
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

The Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences (SGEPSS) is an academic society for contributing to progress in science and technology associated with geomagnetism, as well as Earth, planetary and space sciences. We will demonstrate new IUGONET system "IUGONET Type-A" in SGEPSS fall meeting 2016, held at Fukuoka, Japan. We are looking forward to seeing you (This is a collaborative work with Exelis Visual Information Solutions, Inc.).

Special Lecture by Developers of Exelis VIS Inc. and IUGONET Project Team:
1. Nov. 20, 15:30-16:00, 2. Nov. 21, 15:30-16:00, 3. Nov. 22, 13:20-14:00
Place: Exelis VIS Inc. Booth, Join: Free.
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